shai hulud Either genuine or through manufacture and chemistry

the speeding red amphetamine upper body of Jesus christ


prozac smile beatified
silentbob chef 010303
pralines&cream right now i feel ...

that to be happy


to be beautiful
(as in: thin body, perfect face, bouncy shiny hair, lots and lots of sex appeal)
that will make me happy.
Miffey sex appeal will make someone else happy, I'm sure.
Would someone else being happy by looking at you make you happy?
pralines&cream yes, someone else being happy by looking at me would definitely make me happy.

Unfortunatly, I don't believe that people get happy by looking at fat people, only glad that it's not them.

Therefore, I strive to be the epitome of the social definition of beauty.

I want to make guys drool and make girls jealous.
chanaka sushi bounces 020307
ecco happiness is for ignorant people 021212
Cicero Give me a sword, a shield, a dragon and a princess and I'll be happy. Because life is much harder. And the only thing I'm getting out of it for sure is wisdom. I should have trusted myself. I knew all along that I was less unhappy by myself. 030101
lotuseater have you ever been mellow
have you ever tried?
have you ever been happy
just to hear a song?
mon uow and sad_too 050328
Bespeckled If happiness is fulfillment,
if happiness is joy,
if happiness is pleasure,
laughter on a daily basis,
feeling good about yourself,
getting a regular does of sand between your toes,
feeling comfortable in your skin and in your clothes,
falling and knowning that love will catch you no matter where you stumble,
having that effect on others that once others had on you,
feeling like everything is generally going right,

I am happy beyond words.

But could happiness be knowing what you want,
and knowing how to get it,
and having it,
holding it in your hands,
feeling it in your veins,
identifying what not only feeds your needs but your wants,
and knowing how and when to find it,
never doubting that what makes you happy now is actually hurting you compared to what you could have,
searcing for any hint of doubt and not finding it?

Well, I may still have some questions to answer if that's what it means to be happy.
nom happy when i'm sad when i'm happy 061005
nom there are moments i am happy
my apartment sounds with joy
nom i can be happy 080813
n o m e e when the bus arrived, saving me 101027
nr i don't think i know how to be this. things and people and wants are always fleeting. 161101
nr wow, almost exactly a year ago, and nothing's changed.

i wonder how many people consider themselves this.
what's it to you?
who go