~gez~ nobody has blathered retard. what is the world coming to!!! okay here we go. what i have to say is

psychedelic retard sounds reasonable 020822
*LB* i cnt believe the lack of blathering abt retard!! Its my most over used word of all time...except maybe noodles??!! 020823
tangentgirl to be retarded is to be delayed, thus (and verily, methinks), it is aptly fit for those who develop at a slower rate than everyone else. It is not an insult, but a way of defining the world around you. If all words were insults, we would have nothing to say.
Example, "My boyfriend is continually late to the point that I cannot think of him as anything less than retarded."

Or not.
oren Not to_be confused with ritard. 090201
Strideo I can feel the retardation seeping into my brain.
what's it to you?
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