ellen cherry charles raptor hugs. a
Clinically proven to be the most filling.
ellen cherry charles The raptors smirk,
daintily surveying the pornographic pizza
ellen cherry charles hey! pornographic_pizza 020126
zenfishsticks my mum is secretly a velociraptor. 020126
K@T in the H@T eclectic caesars
raptor raptures

they'll take it
the wrong way
every time

tramp commandos
& their trash battalions
tirade in sign language
& forget their homes

bleak blank zombie toughs
shamble sporadic
w/the crass juice
of self-pity

we see you &
know your perimeters
you won't find us
wailing at your wall

tired scoundrels make
bedspring whimpers
cigarette their way into
empty hearts asleep

the motor mamas
& their diesel daddies
jake brake
like steel yodels

let dusk become a habit
preach silence to mimes
& try to lock
revolving doors

the jester
just snores
bcrs a triplication! someone wants attention. see: caesars & eclectic 091106
what's it to you?
who go