typhoid the tiger kissed me.
i purred
girl head scratches and belly rubs make me purr 000327
startfires when he scratches my head it makes me close my eyes and smile. nathan knows how to make me smile. 001005
s fect 011105
Grievance closed my eyes, saw light, and felt connected. Connections frictions warm me, and i purr. 011208
Angie my cat purrs loudly when she is happy. 030605
Keil So do I. Except not. Or maybe. Im not sure, can you ask again tomorrow? Thanks, you've just made me happy. Purr... 060920
birdmad Tonya, asleep and curled up on my chest, doing her loudest impersonation of a chainsaw and kneading her claws into me.

Shadow, burrowed under the sheet and curled up between my arm and my ribcage doing the same, only a little quieter.

cute little weirdos
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