Fly Im learning how to love,
Learning how to show.
Bringing everything with me, and giving it to you.
Words and Thoughts,living for that run-around.
Who thouht this would work?
WHo taught me how to run?
Fingers point...hide behind this door that we must.
Will he know, or does he already have a clue.
Am i human?
Or am i just fun?
Tell me to fall inside you, i'm already in.
Practicing to be who i am, and never wanting to let go of what i might have.
silentbob all the heart break i go through on a daily basis is me building up my strength for the one that will hurt the most. 001125
epitome of i I am a practicing procrastinator, order of the Holy @#$%, the (sigh) Canadian Idle... 060416
what's it to you?
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