doggy Richard Brautigan would've been one hell of a blatherer.
Richard Brautigan is dead, so I don't ever see his stuff here.

Thats all for now, my little pet.
camille Richard Brautigan reading, "Love's not the way to treat a friend"

Thank you for introducing me to Richard..
doggy Here's an article/poem/essay that I/my ex-boyfriend/my bestest friend wrote! I'm going to CUT AND PASTE it onto blather. Screw the spontinaty and linkage of this "twisty tangly web"!

(Just a pet)
moonshine When your talking to someone and you say something & unless you say something they can relate too or have some witty remark they completely ignore or change the subject 000605
Please note that : An irritant. But an irritant from which you secretly derive perverse enjoyment is a pet_peeve. 061120
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