ClairE I can't even imagine it. 020107
WingedSerpent ...i get that a lot 020107
freakizh definitely i am. 020512
rubydee quit asking me what's wrong.
it's not you,
you narcissistic fuck.
puredream OH hey guess what!!!

It's not always about you.

It's not you.

In fact most times it's her.

Or him.

And not likely you anymore.

But. While there are you's...

You read wrong today though.

Which is sad.

Not surprising.

But it was about him. Not you.


Know what you I'm talking of now?

Not you!
narcissistic fuck It's me. It's always about me. Don't lie. 040627
puredream Well, yes of course. Like all narcissistic fucks. (cause I love them the most) 040627
your scratching post well....excuse ME!?!!? 040627
unhinged it is NOT always about you
you are not the only person in my life
owlen not exactly you but the one who looks like me and a little skewed. A little off. she/he always was a little out...there, a little too close in here. 110224
re_alisma you_issues 110225
what's it to you?
who go