Effingham Fish I caught an episode when it was still on NBC and loved it, but Mom did then, and does to this day, control the remote for the living room's television and holds network television in the highest disdain. No amount of pleading would get her to stop watching one of her fucking real-life emergency room dramas or forensics specials long enough to watch it even once. And so time passed and it was cancelled and put into syndication. Now, it's on A&E, and she never misses an episode. I have to watch it on my TV, now that I have one, because I'm afraid that if I watch it with her I will be overcome by the desire to leap up and scream at her for being such a blatant hypocrite.

The one where Matthew goes "punk" is my favorite.
silentbob i care for the arcade game episode a great deal. 011203
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