User24 MU! 030729
KLF fan mu mu land 030729
:-) they are indeed justified and ancient. 030730
User24 "Has the dog Buddha nature or not?"

search google for "Chao-chou"
Star_Scribe MU is Micron Technology. mu is Minnesota university, mu is mother's urethra, mu is a cows expletive, mu is a computer game. my computer is in my head and so I cannot see my self as you, or I do. Here comes some preaching:

MU is a word which can be roughly translated as "none" or "without". While typically used as a prefix to imply the absence of something , it is more famously used as a response to certain koans and other questions in Zen Buddhism, intending to indicate that the question itself was wrong.

What was the question?
Star_Scribes_Sister This text is writing itself, hurry and throw a sabot into the machine. 080625
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