sabbie always reminded me of a fish, for all the years he was on my telly.

its just that ive only now just discovered it.

a pointy dark fish that lives in cold waters and eats littlier fish with a jaw full of small but extra pointyily sharp teeth.

.:satisfied after all these years:. _thats_ what he reminds me of.
The Crapture Charles Keating, crooked Savings & Loan operator whose investors lost billions based on mismanagement by Keating and his associates. and who largely got way with it thanks to questionable contact between Keating and 5 United States Senators including both AZ Senators (John McCain, R-AZ, and Dennis DiConcini, D-AZ)

Keating is/was also an anti-pornography zealot, founder of an orgnization called "Citizens for Decency through Law", which is highly ironic considering how many people he at least figuratively fucked out of their life's savings.
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