typhoid just saw: the performer
what fun.
the life that lasts half as long burns twice as bright... but what if you live more than one life at once?
startfires energy! 001005
startfires i know things are gettin tough
when you can't get the top off
the bottom of the barrel

all i know is that i don't know nuthin
and that's fine
silentbob Poison
... is me 010122
.sunshine. wish i was drunk. 010505
"bunnyboy" i know who ivy loves and i know who loves ivy. 011204
jg A green and envious me will cover you like ivy and keep you to myself and hidden like an old brick house. You will be my home and backbone. I will cling to you like a parasite, blocking sun and air, suffocating you until you one day crumble and fall beneath my weight and your own. 020730
HL is happy. is wanted. is his. 020827
Dark Green I demand mists!
I demand fogs!
I sometimes grow in bogs.
what's it to you?
who go