Vanessa I love you my darling
but i can seem to put my finger on it
where we go from here
appearing to disipear
sadly, we're still standing alone in the dark, so close
seated silently w/ a spark, but everyone knows
a pebble in the sea; as vast as you and me
and although the seas my sway
i still love you this way
minnesota_chris I love you too, you misspelling minx you. 040820
Vanessa lol 040820
Sakhalin is Magnifique Vanessa you should marry him! 060223
unhinged or maybe it's some brewing_hostility_perhaps

i would have been less inclined
to think he was an asshole
if he wouldn't have tried
to put his guilt on me
Ouroboros but we're not talking these days 060225
minnesota_chris I'm awesome. I actually google myself. 060226
what's it to you?
who go