The Schleiffen Man (HEE-bee GEE-beez) n - state of mind after being frightened to the point of terror 000705
birdmad as in:

"A case of the heebie-jeebies."

my questions are:

How many containers are in a case?

How many heebie-jeebies are there in each container?


If they do not come in containers, is each Heebie-Jeebie individually packaged?

And also, by what unit of measure does one guage a heebie-jeebie?
The Schleiffen Man I think the heebie_jeebies should be sold in quantities relative to beer. That way you know exactly how much a "case" of the heebie_jeebies is. 000705
retrograde trembley little prickles on the back of your neck.... 000705
satchmo i got de heebies
i got de jeebies
deathofarose the heebie_jeebies caused by the bee_gees.

(audience groans)

ack at cbgb's. 041208
oren I pulled on my sneakers one time and felt something inside one of them.

I pulled that one off and a large cockroach scampered out.
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