jimmy ray lungfish through great perseverance, a few psychotropic drugs and a little firm persuasion
(not to mention the 5 dozen goats and some corrugated sheet metal) we were able to erect this here fine example of architecture

now if we can get the little buggers to hold still

screwing for virginity that is the sengle greatest thing i have heard on weeks 030304
dennis hay farmfish jimmy ray lungfish? interesting, i must say, to have a fellow goatherd with a "fish" in his name.

oh, what a small world it be. and by the way, jimmy ray. we have no problem keeping our goats still during milking. you do use sweet feed, don't you?
billy ray pirahna yeh, that's cousin jimmy

never could get those goats to stand still long enough to impersonate a shed
Manny O. War they might have been desciples of the hams_of_recalcitrance, they're technoriffic. 030304
what's it to you?
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