hushed the search for perfection 020418
sabbie you could use those sidways8 sign for a hook, but what would you use for bait? 020419
-{::ephemeral_arcs::}- the promise that the future will be here tomorrow. that's's favorite food you know. 020420
ashmanzhou searching for a word a truth
an affinity from hell
for a dreamer who seems
to not notice me and we
who never hears me scream
who never sees me sitting
waiting watching dreaming
thrying and finding nothing
but only i searching for
some greater person to
hear me think with me
and in the end i cannot see
past dreaming-fishing for infinity
flowerock I cast out and reeled in my hook, it was through my own lip, I had caught myself, I cast again... 140626
what's it to you?
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