me? im always awake at night wondering things like the etymology of the word etymology. 991121
amy true sense of a word...words speak for themselves? 000201
ye I forget - but I think it es "etym" either dissecting or find basics of "logos" words ;) 011118
art to choke hearts hard to work into a conversation. 030903
Kristopher I love etymology. I've taken it up as sort of a little hobby. I've got four dictionaries on it so far (mostly slang etymology, including ones for sins and from the Twenties to the Nineties).

Start to see a lot of crossover words from way back when.
ofsuch fascinating to learn the roots of a particular word
break it down
and build it back up, yo

i do wish to learn latin
and maybe a little greek

a friend of mine took a few years of latin
how cool is that
what's it to you?
who go