haplo mmmmmm....... 981019
megan plate pressure 990915
lasthought is what you do after you rubba 020603
phil To rename
To strike, cut, or rub (timber or leather) smooth and/or even.
To dress (a fowl)
To execute poorly. (golfstroke)
-dub n. a bungler
poke or drum
to transfer recorded soud.
User24 weird, I went 'go' from dnb, and came here.. 030813
User24 hmm.. better say something useful while I'm here..

~~dub be good me~~

no, no, that's not very good.


dub dub dub dot blather dot com
is an IRC host.

yeah, that's better.. when lost for word, use trivia!
misstree a purported offshoot of ska, i think when it started blending with jazz, that has more experimental beats. 030813
Strideo would you prefer a sub?
nom dub rewolf 030813
ShilohLives I have a friend and our spanish teacher calles him Dub.. It's pretty funny. He is a pretty cool guy. 030927
what's it to you?
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