MercynRe yeah, after smoking one this morn, i ALMOST had enough willpower to go to class... 010427
lost hey me too. my freinds aunt just came down from washington and she brought 4 32gallon trash bags full of this really good skunk stuff. my freind gave me a pound yesterday. a full pound. I almost made it to first period today. 010427
*Ziima* *whines with craving* 010719
silentbob thats sad 020421
Romper Room opposite of a don't be. 020421
70s radio birdmad missisippi moon
won't you keep on shinin
on me?
god keep on shinin' your light 020422
squillo whoa-oh
china grove
kurt cobain i smoke two joints in the morning
i smoke two joints at night
i smoke two joints in the afternoon
it makes me feel alright
i smoke two joints in time of peace
and two in time of war
i smoke two joints befor i smoke two joints
and then i smoke two more
what's it to you?
who go