jennifer I have learned how to never have problems

I created Jolie
and Jolie has an unhealthy obsession with gay men, she has problems with her father and she is confused sexually

I created vicious
and vicious has a problem with past abuse, she has a hostility issue and she can't understand the meaning of the word "boundaries"

I created anchor baby
and anchor baby (a name borrowed from Tim Burton's "Oyster Boy" book) has a problem with normal relationships. She is scared and frightened and she has played a part in the giant mindfuck.

Then there is me, jennifer,
and I have no problems.
paste! if it's all a box of endless vinyl, then i'm a pessoa. if not, let's designate group #forcefedthecurveball for all of em. 011218
cube must be a bitch buying for all those personalities at christmas
what's it to you?
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