peyton You were so close to perfect.
I'll never ever forget.
Or let go.
I will always be a place you can go.
A spot to where you can hide.
I'll always have sanctuary for you.
Just ask.
You'll always have me.
You'll always have me.
You'll always have me.
I will never let you hit the ground while I have breath.
I will shelter you with my wings, until you are ready to fly again.
Just whisper.
I'll be there.
birdmad returns 050928
unhinged diminished 050928
syrope it feels good not to care
but it hurts that it feels so good
Junky Music Jokester If the song begins with C and G-flat, when you get to the recapitulation, you'll find diminishing returns! 070622
curtsy ping pong champion ! 070622
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