Q No More Crab Please

all i eat
on saturdays and sundays
when i get up
from an empty bed
is crab
all day long

other days
i try to
down work
but that
is hard
to keep there

tofu, potatoes, tomatoes,
eggs, cheese,
whole milk, coffee
writing, hearing, reading
out loud poetry

i'm sick of crab
sallymanda mmmm... see certainly 001103
Effingham Fish Tain't gonna do no good. 011204
Casey good stuff, i love seafood. 011204
Freak I wanted to get some hermit crabs but I just couldn't bring myself to go up to the lady in the pet shop and ask,"Do you have crabs?" 020618
andru235 i felt that way once when i was trying to find some gonorrhea 050310
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