Tank headlights, window screen, me screaming, "yooooooo!", then he hit me and i went flying off chrome_wonder, (oh poor, mangled chrome_wonder!), and then my head hit the ground - SMACK! ouch... uh_oh, no insurance, what to do..? can't think... blood? no blood...

and the fatherfucker wouldn't drive me home. i only live four blocks away. he offered me money for the bus the kickstand fucker... "can i have a cigarette?" i asked. he said no. i said, "you can knock me off my bike but you can't give me a cigarette, that's fucked up..." so he gave me half of it... he gave me a false number too...

and to top it all off, he was from jersey. oh! the indignity of it all...
god like girl come walkin' thru the cornfield
like blue vibration thru the sea
I know I'd love her to breathe, again
like cubes are talkin' her down
what's it to you?
who go