Zao Lithos I once understood your motives
they key to your clever inventions
The objects of all your affection
Displaying your Loving intentions.

Now love is important, I know that.
But that's not the point of the story
The reason for our creation is now
constructing containers of glory.

So right from the start I can see it
Each soul is a room in your mansion.
You purposed for humans to dream it
The blueprints for God's home expansion
pete i prefer the tentish thing on the cart, so it can travel around, over a set in place established building to be destroyed at the whims of the ruling powers 041110
Lemon_Soda Body mind and soul.

Body- eat right, excersise, get lots of nookie.

Mind-ReadreadreadreadreadREAD. CreatecreatecreatecreatecreateCREATE.

Soul-Pray. To anything, anybody, nothing or nobody. To the winds, to yourself, to your family, to your God(s).PRAYPRAYPRAY. Give thanks, spill your guts, ask a favor, be humble...whatever it takes to talk into the void. PRAY.
oldephebe amen 041110
. . 041111
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