silentbob evolution is its foundation

without it, what has biology got?
alkalinepixie that ap test was a bitch. 010516
nocturnal science ap's always are. I coulda told you that. I got a 2 on the chemistry one. shoulda taken it as a sign, but oh no. I thought I should keep it as my major anyway. god, I'm an idiot. 010516
littleidiot i hate my biology course.
hate it.

thank goodness no more labs.
Freddo biology sucks very badly and will not be done for a ghasty long time. 030903
Brett Grannemann I dare someone to hate A.P. Biology more than me... 031203
Soma Growing up in private christian schools all my life has definitely had its disadvantages.
Here I am, taking a summer course, and the idea of evolution has me completely baffled. All these terms and people I've never heard of... oh ...
Monday will not be fun.
what's it to you?
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