Humored The more you say you don't need it,
the more I know you do.
dafremen And let's say you're right?

is it your nature to withhold it?

Like a child putting bananas near the monkey cage then pulling them way for the sheer power trip value of it?'

Like ignoring your baby brother because he won't do what you want him to..just to make him do what you want him to?

What's the reason for YOUR response? ; )
They call me Truth you are asking the wrong question daf, why are you responding to him/her? and if he/she is right, what should YOU do about it? 080601
Temporary Enemy of Daf Here Dafremen is attempting to counter someone's astute observation with what appears to be a series of errant syllogisms. As one can see, success has eluded him yet again. But perhaps I have picked the wrong words; I am open to corrections. Lead by example, after all. 080601
hsg hmmm 090724
what's it to you?
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