cold tea brought to you by the letter "z" 990331
kat how did this word get here and what does it mean? 990405
coldtea Zoophilic. Preferring animals to humans as a source of food.
There were no Z words. Z was getting lonely. Nuh.
Moooolly A zoophile is someone who likes to "Do the Wild Thing" (in strictly Tone Loc terms) with animals. 000404
Brad Uh oh... i thought it just meant you like to go to the zoo. I'll have to re-write my memoirs now... 000404
Cord Rustah Well, a more accurate definition (zoo - animal philia - love) would be that it is someone who is /romantically/ attracted to animals. Those who're just bored or have nothing (noone?) else to do are just engaging in a plain old act of bestiality.
Most zoophiles prefer one particular species -- horses in my case. :)
Oh, for the record, I do like to go to zoos... Heh.
god dog breath (in the year of the plague) 010602
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