Kate A moral theory that claims that the morally right action is the action that will maximize utility (lead to the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of people). Proposed most famously by John Stuart Mill.

You (pl) are so wonderfully different from everyone else. I couldn't believe I had an email from you (s), from your Latin email address, with the title reading "justice". You sent me a copy of your arguments against Utilitarianism that you sent to Dr. Tiel... I bet Levi is learning about this in class while Jon's studying physics, and I'm at home, wishing I was with you all. But still I think Utilitarianism is nebulous... I mean how can you determine what will produce the best situation? Why maximize happiness when most everyone thinks that happiness is being young and beautiful and rich and material possessions?

I'm glad we know what happiness is.
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Who decides what's what? numbers_vs_qualities
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