dallas the god and the blood running through the veins of this toy. 990110
emily Squinting hard at the screen.
"Ok, explain this agian. Q means to exit a program?"
Brief Pause
"Who the hell comes up with this shit?"
shamus the linux x-windows pager.
makes the world a good place.
even if q means exit and means next message...
ceorl sublime enablers
grep, vi, rtfm,
I will never reboot again
daxle "you don't use unix?" as he squints to peer into my motivations
"no, I use nt"
"microsoft!" he scoffs as if I had bought into the devil out of laziness
he was right about that at least
clundicus rev
?he ,yad yreve wen gnihtemos nrael uoy
Matt unix is fun. 000413
sammy u! nix! 010103
phace open-source os rox. But is microsoft the devil? Sure it isnt open source. But if you really needed open source, you couldnt code it yoursefl correct? 020103
reitoei long live bash!! and emacs!!
You have to click? you have to move this stupid peripheral around on your desk? WTF?
User24 at the risk of causing unix wars II,

vi, emacs or pico?

votes pico
what's it to you?
who go