kx21 A_farewell_message of a given subject to its object(s)... 010830
kx21 What are other spice(s) of synchronicity? 010830
dB Maybe the Universe sings to our subconcious. We are all connected, and that one entity is the Universe, and we are all a part of each other, and everything around us.
The spice, is like the variation in everything. Differences make everything in the Universe unique, while at the smae time being parts of the same meal, so to speak.
On a somewhat lighter note, in my mind there are four basic food groups; Grease, Starch, Fat and burnt crunchy bits. This makes a complete balanced diet and is ruined by one thing, too much salt.

What is the salt of the universe?
kx21 Good Q_As...And it triggers more Q_As...

What is the taste of the Universe?

What is the best spice of the Universe?

And what are the senses and the sensors of the Universe?
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kx21 Ten_supreme_hearts:-

she1, she2, sh3,
she4, she5, she6,
she7, she8, she9, and
"The" Man I think I'll put too much in. 070710
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