saz soil my soul 030512
fall of a sparrow Taint = the holy grail, the pomegranite that Pete and John hold.
Emily's found it...who's next?
rubydee it ain't yer ass
and it ain't yer pussy
Casey There's a little spot every womans got, between her cooter and her tushy. It's the patch of skin, that fits right in between your booty and your bushy. It's just a notch behind your crotch, and your ass is behind it. In between the pink, and the stink, that's where you'll find it. 040218
.fallen I wish my touch did not taint pure things.....the pure things are wondrous....how dare I seek to kill it even if I think I am doing good 040219
.fallen down down down even when I mean my best it seems my touch taints the purity......

I treasure the purity so why then do I taint it?
what's it to you?
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