whome I hate this trend of straightened hair. 031103
schadenfreude see: pipedream schadenfreude 031103
schadenfreude see also: i_had_soup and if_someone_responds. 031103
nomme bob on the radio
wayne blues man guitar father man
driving my friend's boyfriend
me along for the ride
home fifteen first taste
of the north
shore at night the
roads curving the wheel
me watching the moon
on frosty cement autumn
clumpy mascara lips smeared gloss
water six miles from the city why

i love dylan the conversation
flowing from sleepy wheels
sometimes i see that car driving
ghost on main street
did things turn out alright
i stopped
when the light changed
i heard she has children now
was working at the overwaitea
and the restaurant closed
the broken band left
handed down town
what's it to you?
who go