werewolf i want to be a relationship slut. Not a traditional slut, i want to digest as many people as possible, open up millions of books and leave them half read, never brought to their conclusion, their sealing word. No, i'll lose interest first and pick up a mystery or a romance nothing too heavy. and that thick novel with its pages bent where i've been and fresh and alive where i haven't, i'll try to, but know...i can never pick up where i left off. Being well read makes each subsequent reading that much more meaningful. I'm gonna be a relationship slut. 020516
Please Die You're gonna be alone, that's what you're gonna be. And most deservedly, by the sound of things. 050710
egger i lurve you, wolfie. 050710
unhinged 'why do i wanna smoke something that rhymes with skank?'

thieums Spank. 090211
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