kyla Turnips! 010729
birdmad non-skid,
my mind careens about
wildly enough as it is
kyla (Parsnips too.) 010729
silentbob You're standing on mine

le sigh...
S e e d S o f L i g h T The soul is our life force.
As it resides in our subconscious minds.
The entity that lives on,
once the shell of our body no longer functions
Our memories, experiences, values

All become a fluid from of invisible light,
The laws of physics will handle the rest.
Will you be attracted or repelled?
Will you collect and stagnate or evaporate?
Will your combined ionic charge be

A positve one?


A negative one?

The beauty of existing as a human is... that you get to decide.
spoons lost soul 011031
nocturnal someone please explain to me where and/or what the hell a soul is? don't be vague, please. I really want a concrete definition, here. 011031
Skalar The part of you that communicates, to you, and through you, with feelings. Joy is your soul's way of saying "Here I Am," happily waving hello. Sadness is your soul's way of saying "this isn't who We Are." Love is your soul's way of saying "This is Who I Am." It's the part of you that's Part of God. 011031
nocturnal in respect to what you said about feelings, how do you differentiate the soul and the brain?
and in respect to what you said about god, what would you say to an atheist?
Skalar your brain is your processor. It is what interprets the data you recieve from your senses which are essentially data collectors. Sight sound smell taste touch are all stimuli. Your brain is what tells you what that stimulus is. The condition of it i guess. It smells sweet, it tastes bitter, looks dirty, etc. Your soul is what tells you how you feel about the data your brain processess. It speaks to you in feelings. That really is the main difference. feelings=soul processed data=brain. Something can be something without you feeling anything about it. That's what the brain does. it tells you what's out there. That's all. Your soul is what tells you how you feel about it.

On the atheist thing, i'd probably say that the soul is the part of you that is love. The part of you that is capable of unconditional love. The part of you that tells unconditional truths, and the part of you that feels unconditional joy. I'm sure an atheist wouldn't have a hard time grasping a concept like that.
nocturnal interesting. I was raised catholic, so the soul always seemed to be mainly religious...that's what goes to heaven, etc.
being an atheist, I've kind of come to not believe in the existence of a soul, either.
I do appreciate your time. thank you.
Skalar You're welcome Nocturnal. I also want to take this moment to thank you for your open-mindedness.. you're the first to say that my theories on spirituality were interesting. :) I'm actually a practicing Catholic. I just don't believe that what Catholicism preaches about the important stuff is the be all and end all of what defines God, Soul, Salvation etc. I think these concepts should be defined by our selves. Based on our own experiences. our own truths. What i wrote about the soul, is basically my own personal understanding of it. I think it's a kind of definition that people can wrap their minds around without having to submit themselves to a particular school of teaching.

Mine is not the ONLY way. It is merely another way.

barbiturate my soul was impotent,
then grew a libido
and grew
and grew
and grew
guitar_freak god + thinking = higher power

(to me)
nocturnal (s)he who proves to me the existence of the soul (in a spiritual sense) beyond the shadow of a doubt may consider him/herself to be the most accomplished human being to ever have walked the earth. 011127
piercedjenny I associate the word soul with my knowledge. I am always in this state of self improvement, of self-evolution. For myself, that has been accomplished through love and laughter, sorrow and tears.
I've learned so much about myself, I feel like somehow the inner me shines though when the outer me tries to keep people at bay. My experiences, teachings and learnings have led --I think-- to the evolution of my soul.
belly fire I think it important to remember that the soul isn't always measured in happiness and joy.
There are great measures of sadness and sorrow that the soul bears in a lifetime.
No one emotion holds more importance over another, but sorrow is about reflection and conscience...and connects us to each other.
And through those
bespeckled It refuses to be darkened
by the mind's dark considerations
and the heart's black doubts
or the world's heavy weights
and time's speeding hands.

It stays white.

And it floats
seeing the world, for once,
through no lenses at all.

And if it had a head to shake,
it would - and would be laughing,
which of course, it is.
ShilohLives *hmmm....I wonder if he really has one...if he didn't then that would explain things...* (thought thought) 030629
Norm "I got soul and I'm super bad."

James Brown always cheers me up.

Sometimes I put some James Brown on for people, I look at them and I worry that it will remind them that, really, there is no soul and all they have is the time they've wasted, and they that are, in fact, super sad.
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