Jarec I don't think that I have ever been this scared.... 020916
Sonya of the evil headless chickens! 020916
distorted tendencies Because this time, if it hurts, I'll never heal.. Because this time is different. 020917
celestial of so much

that ill lose you
that i wont treat you well enough
that i wont love you well enough
that my grandmother will die soon
that i wont graduate
that ill fail these fucking math classes
that one day you will not be able to see me
that when you can no longer see the physical me you will lose interest and leave me because im really not that great
that ill break my goddamn promises to you and just die
that ill go to hell if i die because i dont love jesus as much as i used to pretend to because im not even sure he exists
that youll be angry once you read that email i sent you but FUCK i was angry
that youll shut me out and not talk to me because i hurt you
that ill lose you
tessa I get so scared sometimes.
Other times the things that scare me make me so glad to be alive.
puredream Am I not allowed to be scared?

Am I not allowed to be afraid of the fact that I may not be capable of my own tomorrow. Afraid that I cannot walk by myself?

Whose idea was it to make me fear being scared?

The strong are fearless. BULLSHIT!

Those who are know how to fear and accept fear and work to understand fear are strong.

I want to be scared.
cocoon Too scared to do what I want, be who I want. 040601
thougher than me if you're not scared, you're stupid 040924
flux i disagree. ignorance is often a primary cause of fear. 040925
not now i got scared by the noise 041018
slothisily I'm afraid of the future, afraid of all things uncertain, afraid of being alone. Fear is my motivation. 041018
mon uow of what just came back to me

i guess it never really left
silentbob of crowds 050630
APRicochetMVP i'm scared that i'll become what i worked so hard to change in myself. i'm afraid that things won't stay the same despite the fact that they're so amazing the way they are now. 050630
nom i don't know why i'm scared 060210
im scared it's stupid 070102
tessa if you knew why, would you still be scared? 070116
nom i don't know 070116
tessa anyone who is not scared
must be crazy
nom i can get very obsessed 070329
tessa i'm scared again 070503
no reason that these drugs won't work
that they don't know anything
that this will last
anouk I'm so scared that i'll fall in love with him.

I'm scared of having to make the choice between home and him.
nom i don't like feeling scared 081017
amy adaptability i'm definitely scared of bars. i'm scared of drunk people. if you mention a bar or drunkenness i think of you as scary. or, at least, with nothing better to do.

so it's definitely something i avoid. drunkenness. yep. sorry. straight as an arrow. self-important. not at all out for fun. un-elated. un-suicidal.

fearful. that be a fear.

(more of all of that which you didn't want to know.)
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