mon uow i refuse to be a human 050223
mon uow i want to be a doll from now on
a tattery raggedy yarn-haired thing
or a bear, yeah a big huggly teddy bear
not a pathetic scared-of-examinations girl
doll doctor 050223
mon uow reading laughing For over 31 years our Doll Doctor has been healing sick and wounded dolls and teddy bears. The sick range from antique bisque dolls, Barbie Dolls with broken legs, to special cherished memories that have been "loved to pieces".

With rubber ears, paws, eyes, teeth, arms, legs, feet, hands, torso's, wig and heads... The Doll Doctor has everything for professional care.

Bear Care

If your special keepsake has been damaged or suffered from age and storage conditions, send it in to The Doll Doctor.
The doctor and her staff provide the following services:

- Cleaning
- Mending
- Eye, Hair and/or Limb Transplants
- Sealing Cracks
- Painting Rosy Cheeks and/or Pretty Lips
- Replacing Stuffing (including sawdust)
- Making New Leather Bodies

We love to send restored and repaired dolls back home in a beautiful new dress made in the likeness of her old one, or a new dress made by our very own designers.

When we finish, you will wonder at the possibility that is was touched by an angel.

"My mission in life is to inform people that they have valuable things and they should keep them and get them restored and take care of them".

"Attention! Attention!...
Precious Keepsake
in basement...
Handle code 3."
mon uow fuckit. 050414
anomalous i don't need to see a doctor. 050516
nom) she looked like tilda 050924
nom was nice, referred me to my specialist.
she wants to take my blood and inject me with stuff.
nom yesterday said "nice skirt!" 070309
nom she wants me to try lyrica 070309
nom i think i'd rather just smoke some pot 070309
nom maybe i'll ask her about sativex 070309
nom maybe i'll try lyrica,
i'm just not sure i want to
nom maybe i'll just buy some pot when i have enough money 070309
no reason had lots of attitude
there's enough reluctance to go to the doctor anyway without doctors like that feeding people's insecurities
it's really not right and makes me more than a little bit angry
nom oh no! 070310
nom sounds like it was the same doctor who wouldn't refer me to my :specialist: 070311
nom i guess i'm not going 070315
. maybe i will go.. but i don't like it..
i want to just be calm.
fix all i need is on Valium pill.
to kick me back into sleeping...
i don't want to go to the doctor for it..
they'll strap me down and force feed me chemicals for 3 years.
fix can't spell either.
i get enjoyment out of crying sometimes
i don't know what that is.
then i find myself laughing like a hyena.
oh let me sleep.
fix anyone got a sleeping pill? 070317
nom i missed my injections again this week

next week i guess
nom i told her i didn't want to try lyrica and she said she respected that but still wanted me to try it or something else she just wants to "improve" my "quality of life" reduce my pain we talked about pot and she prescribed cesamet which i'm not sure about

and my bloodwork was all good
nom i wasn't low on b12 but my platelet count was "a bit low" 070426
nom i went to my specialist today
now i have to have more bloodwork
all kinds of immune stuff
mycoplasmas and whatnot

and i totally fucked up on the serial 7s test which made me feel stupid fuck

at least i did ok with the physical exam didn't freak out that was an improvement
n o m e e i feel pretty cool/comfortable with doctors now mostly. i've had to see an orthoptist and an orthopedist this year! 101119
n o m e e it gets tiring though 101120
n o m she is still trying to get me to try lyrica, and cymbalta, both for neuropathic pain etc. which i do not want to take. 110601
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