Piso Mojado When you have a desire that is deemed unacceptable by yourself/society, and so you do the exact opposite of said desire.

(Freudian defense mechanism)
andru235 so...either i really didn't want to read what you had to say, and covered up for this by doing so,

or you didn't want to dignify my blathe with an answer, but instead posted this?

or, LET'S ALL HAVE PIZZA! and let's_talk_about_you! ☺
unhinged observant_ignorance 051122
Piso Mojado you want to talk about yourself
but compensate by having other people talk about themselves
(two sides of the same coin)

and im not judging you (really!)
it's just that now that ive studied
Freud's defined defense mechanisms
i see them everywhere-
in myself and in others
Lemon_Soda Remember that thats just one spin on the way things work. 051124
Piso Mojado yes, of course! thank you for the reminder 051124
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