hsg fuck_it 100613
unhinged i'm_over_it 100614
o n m go back to plan a 100614
hsg plan_a 100614
hsg There doesn't seem to be a plan_a 100614
lostgirl plan_b

safe for now
healing slow

private_tears have gone public
on the big movie screen
out there now for all to see
gja is so reliable a fallback I dont know why I dont lean on it more often 100616
thieums - Ok, Sparky. You go through the door, straight to the counter. Then I come in, and I show my giraffe, and while they're all stunned, you grab the money and dash out.
- What if they are not stunned? I don't know, they could be giraffe-immune or something. Or blind.
- Well, if they're blind, then plan_b: I will imitate the sound of a gazebo.
- What if they're deaf too?
- In that case, just go there unnoticed and grab the damn money.
what's it to you?
who go