birdmad DET. KINDERMAN:"Why do we even need Death...Frankly, Father, it's not a Very popular idea, it's not a winner."

FR. DYER: "You wouldn't want to live forever anyway, Bill."

DET. KINDERMAN: "Yes, I would."

FR. DYER: "No, you wouldn't, you'd get bored."

DET KINDERMAN: "I have hobbies."

FR. DYER: "It's all work out Bill."


FR. DYER: "At the end of time."

DET KINDERMAN: "That soon?"

FR. DYER: "We're gonna be there, you and I, Bill, we're spirits."

DET KINDERMAN: "Oh, how i would love to believe that."

DET KINDERMAN: "The world is a homicide victim, father...we have cancer, and war, and mongoloid babies and monsters roaming our streets, even roaming in thsi neighborhood...meanwhile your God goes waltzing blithely through the universe like some kind of cosmic Billie Burke."

FR. DYER: "There you go, blaming god again."

DET KINDERMAN: "Well, who should i blame, Phil Rizzuto?"

---William Peter Blatty from "Legion" (exorcist III)

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