Katie Rose As a long, deep foghorn bellows through the night, the lighthouse, standing tall and proud on the shoreline lights our path home. 000616
endless desire i'd say at first, if you asked me, that we are all the same inside. that is, we are all inherently good. i'd say we are all alike in the dark,
but i wouldn't be right.
some of us drift like vagrant fog off the ocean and some of us build lifehouses.
celestias shadow seen too many in maine.

still, they are most beautiful. as well as most metaphorical.
emmi i remember one night when it was nathalie's birthday and we all went to the lighthouse on the pier. we climbed all the way up and lit the candles on the cake. nathalie said it was symbolic- the ocean stretching out in front of us like the future.
hedzer said 'it's dark'.
what's it to you?
who go