oon (farky) 1. Don't drive without your amotos properly leaned to one hemisphere

2. At no time should your pollen be seen in any form of conspicuous congress with the cheese_wheel

3. mind your ears

4. you are required to salute the kernel when he passes by, unless you are inside or it is during the season of blankets_for_gravy

Z. flan wil not be served on tuesdays

Horf. The high_fiber_narwhal may sing opera whenever it sees fit to do so

one-hundred-and- twenty_fo'_shizzle - fuck_hampi

#. beer_toast.
farky the third dot com 17. bourbon 030606
a sweet girl how about lawns_of_corn? 030606
a sweet girl confused how come that has no link? 030606
oon because 't ain't been blathed yet 030606
what's it to you?
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