DaMon. No music sounds good.
Everything is too difficult.

I want love in me.
She said I finished it up.
She said I gave without taking.
If that was true,
by the very nature of love,
I would have infinite love in me.
Maybe I didn't give at all
And it slowly leaked out and left me dry.
Love the noun cannot exist without love the verb.

And now I long for love.
I long to be miserable,
to long for something so much
that it feels like my heart is
I long to want to do everything for my beloved.
I'd do anything for it.

Can I count Love as my beloved?
Oh guard, would you chase me too over the wall,
to *my* beloved?
test test 070902
re_alisma love_malady. (a bit of an insult, in a nonmetaphysical realm) 101016
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