W.C. I condemned myself, having believed I was as a god. When the fires died low for a moment, the man in the pit across from me asked who I was. When I told him he uttered with great spite and facetiousness, with an irony to rival Scratch himself, "Oh, well weren't you special. Aren't you glad your past life did so much for you here?" 070206
not god good thing i'm not god 070206
sab i dont aspire to godhood

im happy being a godlet

godlet, evolving

and the knickers shouted HAZZAH!
grendel what cthulu wears 'pon his head to keep the debris at bay 070221
sab cthulu wears a black hoodie
and skulks down the street
talkin to the kids
pete matoya awaits 070311
what's it to you?
who go