icy for misstree 031110
icy and by the way, these are some of the absolutely best kind of dessert items ever. i usually take crazy south dakota chocolate cake recipe for the cake part and then make extra of the topping (it's not really a frosting... or an icing... whatever...).
mmm... yummy... misstree, i might have to bake tonight. watch for yours in the mail (or by ups. that might be quicker), even if it's not your birthday.
misstree yesssss! *happydancehappydance*
when i take over the world, german_chocolate_cupcakes will be exalted above all desserts. and m'birthday is sometime between now and the end of the year, so you can just send me one a day until 040101. that'd be acceptable. *grin* *drool*
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