typhoid So, ingesting l-tryptophan to increase serotonin levels, a candy bar to increase the amount of tryptophan getting to your brain and natural plant material containing 25-50 mg harmine/harmaline to block MAO, all at the same time, might cause your pineal gland to synthesize substantial amounts of 5-MeO-DMT 000127
old hick The big carrot that keeps us involved in the world. 000127
lokkust uh yeah...I know one. 000205
Thyartshallshant Typhoid, is that a good thing? Cause it sounds good, i think. Ah hell, il try it anyway... *gulp*... *munch munch* Ahhhh... *feels good* ... *not for long*... *seizure* ... *dies*. Wow, can I do that again? 010106
d ahh, eli lilly
invents new 'illnesses'
so he can make more $$$
scared when prozac patent

'this information is meant
for residents in the US only'

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