Q Originality and creativity, having "original" and "creative" ideas, lies most often in combining old ideas.

One might assume, for the sake of discussion, that there is no such thing as an original idea by itself, one that is not some combination of old ideas. Even so, possibilities for originality and creativity will not disappear, as long as there are humans or computers around that are capable of combining old ideas.

The number of old ideas is very large. The number of possible ways of combining them meaningfully practically infinite, to large to run out.
mikejohnson If only we could combine our chests with our heads, then our brains could tell our hearts all the logic they have calculated, and our hearts could teach our brains to just feel and not think. and then if we could combine our arms with our faces, then our eyes could pour tears and tell our hands not to touch, and our hands could cover our eyes and tell them not to look. if only
were all combined.
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