fairydust out dancing all night.
salsa. in a red dress.
coming home, in the dark, with hair shiny and wet, sweat makes skin glisten.
coming home with a lover, into the cool,
spacious room.
feet on wood floor. walking on the trees,
dark and glossy.
quiet friction.
window open.
full moon.
on the windowsill, a red clay pot,
two flowers.
to humans, white pearalescent petals,
like thin coconut slices.
to nature, ultra violet rays
attract bees.
flowers breathe.
two stems,
two flowers,
open to the moon,
unfurl their leaves,
coalescing in the dark.
lovers in the night.
fairydust you will find them on the dark side of the moon 000214
fairydust under the moon 000214
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