hitting hurts against my pee pee. 991121
Scorched GanderSnout --

Been turned on and prone to be forgotten.

old hick The burn ward smelled like the biology hall in high school. As if they were preserving all the patients in jars. 000215
anonymous my brain...after a day of school or a fun filled night at Sarah's house. 001228
god my old nickname 001229
charcoal sun my fingertips after i held them against a boiling hot tea pot because i had nothing better to do. 040616
shivers to a crisp
there is nothing
left alive
story of eau molten beeswax
images on wood panel
and scarlet soft skin.
notme bois brulÚs 040625
birdmad each time the wind changes direction, more of my ashes scatter away 040626
demonic burnt offerings to a dead god 040626
.&. burnt_hand 050110
what's it to you?
who go