dallas The act by which two living things create another living thing and then cease to live independent of that new living thing. 981106
daxle we could build a tree
I don't even care
god hi, this is god.
curt (or kurt or kurdt- he keeps changing it) says hi.
Thyartshallshant Whoa! Doe's he do any writing up there? Doe's he have any new material that he could mabey send our way? 010106
god yeh, but he has to channel it thru courtney, and he's having some second thoughts. ain't hindsight a bitch. 010106
Thyartshallshant Crap. 010106
phil a yellow word 020212
The Viking breed is sanguine in it's colour. definitive and yet foul in its constraining and animalistic nature. 060629
what's it to you?
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