emmi i was alone in the dept today, and no one bought anything during the entire 5 hours... i felt like i owned the place, i saw the sun set through the huge windows and looked down onto the busy street where people rush and shove each other aside on their way to starbucks or topshop, everyone wanting to appear busier than everyone else... and me alone up on the 3rd floor where few people seem to venture... i had the jazz music blaring and i just sat there reflecting on life and how the choices i have made, sometimes at a whim, have changed me forever. 060914
birdmad cool what the right kind of solitude can do for one's perspective.

very well put, emmi
emmi cheers , bird :--) 060915
bird i miss the old man and his book shop...slightly frail but sharp-witted

i miss the smell of old books and the pathos of the poor, skinny scrap-dependent one-eyed pigeon who would glide from the sign outside and light on a shelf, sometimes seemed as if he was book-shopping like everyone else in the store
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