Kleh Ver ~

~You want me to show you a trick to take your mind off that pain in your leg?

~Give me your pinky. . . (crck)

ferret My Tae Kwon Do instructor used to do something like that, if you had a headache, he'd take your hand and do some pressure point thing and it hurt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!! 030413
. snort the needle little paper 031113
furry sea mammal your anesthetic presence
trembling and shivering
numbs the pain
numbs my thoughts
(you're not what i need right now)
i want you to stay forever.
sylverquiklight the greatest anesthetic is sleep... what wonderful peace you can have in this unconscious realm of dreams and within the indistinction of time. Of course, the only pain that sleep kills is life. Doesn't work for headaches or tooth pulling. 040109
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